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The Skeleton's Missing Bones


The skeleton and ghost of an early 1900's era beautiful young woman with her very long dark hair that is sometimes pinned up and at other times can be seen flowing all the way down her back still haunts the University of Arizona’s Modern Language Building that was built over the top of the site of the original Woman's Athletic Field at the University of Arizona [UArizona]. For many years persistent and continuing sightings have been reported for many years right up to the present day.


UofA Modern Languages Building Photo

Modern Languages Building


According to the numerous reports over the decades, the mysterious female spirit taking her ghostly form is often still seen wearing a long flowing shawl of the type not seen since the early 1910's along with a dark colored floor length with a high collar dress that was commonly worn by women between the time of 1899 and 1904. The ghost of the young lady is still reported being seen peering through and out the windows of the Romance Languages Lab and in the Modern Languages Building itself late during the night. The students who have noticed her, and then have tried to speak to her, have all said that anytime when she is addressed, she turns suddenly, then very quickly runs away every time... only to seemingly vanish into the darkeness of night right while she is still running. Interviews with those who have seen the apparition all report it is as if she was just swallowed up by the darkness of night itself!


mystery lady portrait


According to various newspaper reports of the early 1900's, one night the mysterious woman was assaulted, murdered, thrown down into one of the University's deep hand dug open water wells left over from the area's use by the Spanish in the 1700's. Her body then was found floating in the water well located on the University's original athletic field early one morning by Hiram Winstead the head groundskeeper for the college. The many reports that have surfaced over the years seem to unquestionably confirm the mysterious ghost of the lady returned to the campus to search for and collect her now scattered bones in hope of giving her spirit some final peace after the unspeakable and horrendous crimes against her on that ill fated night in the darkeness.


The current Modern Language Building's location was constructed right directly over the top of the site in the year 1965. Construction workers there on the worksite were said to have found a full set of human bones there as they excavated and prepared the foundation footings but didn’t report finding the skeleton/bones to anyone out of fear that the resulting investigation would delay or ultimately stop the project completely, and put them all out of work.


The ghostly apparition continues to attempt the recovery of her bones so she can move on to the next dimension that she so desperately seeks ever since but so far that goal has been elusive. It is said that if any living person(s) can ever help the ghost find her well deserved peace she will reveal the location of something very valuable that is buried somewhere within the 1910 boundaries of what was then the University in the final moments as she transitions beyond the current netherworld she has been trapped in.


University of Arizona Modern Languages Building photo


According to available records and statements made later, it is somewhat murky exactly what the workers actually did with the human bones, but it is sure that some of them did split the bones up between themselves as souvenirs, took them home and hid them, and kept them as souvenirs of the project. Of the workers on the project twenty four of them over time died very mysterious deaths, and not one of them lived past the age of 50 years old.


 There is a persistent and substantiated rumor that a fraternity house member at the University of Arizona during the mid 1960's had stolen and thus gained possession of at least some of the bones and they were buried secretly at the stroke of midnight in 1967 on the fraternity's grounds after a series of many persistent and very mysterious happenings continuing over and over at the fraternity. Subsequently, by 1974 the fraternity had its charter revoked losing it's building in the process. The fraternity's original building was itself leveled for a commercial structure and asphalt parking lot which is now located directly over the top of where the fraternity house had originally stood. 


Further information over the years has confirmed that a small group of University of Arizona Alumnus from the mid 1960's to early 1970's still meet precisely at midnight once each year over the spot where some of the murdered girls bones now are buried. In a still well guarded secret ceremony using a well a memorized chant form the former college students continue asking for forgiveness of the actions of the fraternity brother who originally stole the skeleton's bones which seemingly brought the bad fortune to them all perpetually, and as some say put a  curse (see video) (see video) on all of the fraternity's members, their offspring, and all others who were either involved or did nothing to make things right on those fateful moments of time in the 1960's.



There have been numerous complaints from both past and the current property owner where the fraternity house once stood concerning attempts by persons unknown to try to dig through always the same certain areas of cement, asphalt, and landscaping on the property.


The various owners and their managers have also noted a very high unexplained employee turnover, and amount of 'unusual' employee injuries at the many businesses that have occupied the property since the demolition of the fraternity structure over the ensuing years.


Surprisingly, many of the employees injuries are exactly the same or very eerily similar to the ones experienced and reported by the members of the fraternity that was once located on the property including fractured or broken bones, sudden disorientation and falls to the ground causing injuries (see video), nightmares of drowning in water then waking up completely drenched in sweat, and the loss of fingers and toes including the bones.


Tucson Ambulance At Scene photo

A Last Ride?


Of the fraternity's members between 1965 and 1967, many have died under unusual circumstances according to the records. Beginning in the spring of 1966  two members died in vehicle related accidents after being hit by automobiles, another fraternity member was murdered then cut up into pieces with some put down the garbage disposal and the rest almost completely eaten by his insanely jealous and apparently well over the edge insane wife in New York City before she was finally arrested when neighbors reported seeing large blood stains on her clothes. Her death however very suddenly of supposedly natural causes while in jail before her trial could be scheduled was yet another continuing odd and bizarre twist in an already horrific event that seemingly consumed the woman also.


Another fraternity member died horrifically when he was working as the foreman of the electric company back in his home town he somehow got his coat's left sleeve caught in one of the fast moving conveyor belts that are automated to continually load coal up into the power company's furnaces that provided electricity to the community.


Unable to turn the automated equipment off without the foreman's key, the other employees watched in sheer horror as he was quickly carried screaming and pleading for someone to do something to help him as he was carried for just over 200 feet along on the conveyor that rose up and operated almost 45 foot off the ground.


Still alive, he was then flung like a beat up rag doll at almost 50 miles an hour into the blast furnaces that ran the generators producing the electricity that powered his entire hometown. By the nature of the occurance not a single piece or part of any of his remains could never be recovered from the 2000+ degree hot bowels of the blast furnace.



electric company coal furnace photo



 In time five other fraternity members each met what could only be termed as untimely deaths by officials during the course of various types of what seemingly appeared to be robberies or muggings they had encountered in their lives. However, some maintained that it was the direct result of the lady's ghost who had been searching their pockets for her bones since on three of the bodies there appeared what seemed to be long deep scratches deep into their skin. Nine others died of what were termed natural causes according to autopsy records (see video) before they had even reached the age of thirty five.             



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